Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wildlife In The Campground

There was lots and lots of wildlife in the campground at Lake Kissimmee to keep me amused. Even though we had good TV reception, I was so busy watching all the animals, that I totally forgot about People's Court and Judge Judy. I know that it isn't like me to miss watching my favorite shows, but it's not often that there was this many critters so close to me. There were lots of big black birds in the trees during most of our stay, and one day in particular. A family in a neighboring campsite went boating for the day, and left a considerable amount of food out in the open around their picnic table. Those big birds had a party over there. It was fun to watch. A couple of seabirds even showed up for some snacks. Armadillos were everywhere. I didn't realize how creepy looking they are until they were digging in the dirt within a foot of me. They are just plain freaky. There were lots of squirrels too, and you all know how much I love them. Something I had never seen before was wild turkeys. They were constantly in our campsite. Raccoons showed up at night, but Gary never got any pictures of them. But my favorite things to see this time were deer, and not just in the early mornings or late evenings. At any point during the day they would show up and hang around. I guess they are used to being around the campers, since they weren't nearly as skiddish as most deer I've seen before. Gary took a LOT of pictures of the deer at my request. There were so many pictures that I decided to create a separate post just for them. That's coming up next, so stay tuned!

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