Friday, December 5, 2014

Sharing Our "Buddy" Campsite with Celine and Jean-Pierre

Campsite #3 at Stephen Foster State Park is generally not a rentable campsite. For example, if you look on the Reserve America website for the park, you'll see that there is no campsite #3, the companion (buddy) campsite to campsite #1, the one we were staying in. There are exceptions to the rule, and such was the case on our last night's stay at the park. The park was totally full, so campsite #3 became available for rent when Celine and Jean-Pierre from Quebec arrived at the park, looking to stay for one night. We couldn't have asked for nicer people to share our campsite with. The campsite was HUGE and I am very small, so there was plenty of room for another trailer. Even with my campmate the Aliner next to me, there was still room for several more trailers. Gary struck up a conversation with our new Canadian friends, and they talked from time to time before we all packed up and left the following morning. Celine and John-Pierre came over to see me, and Gary went over to check out their Aliner. Jean-Pierre installed a large solar panel on the roof of the Aliner, and it creates plenty of power for all of their uses. They had electricity at the campsite, but it's cool that they have another option when they need it. Hmm...maybe I need one of those. Jean-Pierre also built some additional cabinets inside the Aliner, and his woodworking skills are quite impressive. Celine is a pottery maker back in Quebec when she's not on the road camping. You can see her work at She makes some BEAUTIFUL things! Go by and see her at her shop, and tell her that Toaster sent you. She will know EXACTLY who you are talking about. Gary and I were very pleased to share our campsite with Celine and Jean-Pierre, and we hope we run into them again in the future. They were really fun and interesting people to be with. Our Canadian friends left just before we did on Thursday. They were heading west to Torreya State Park in the Florida panhandle, and we were heading east to Ft. Clinch State Park on the Atlantic coast. We had a GREAT time at Stephen Foster, but we're excited to see what lies ahead at Ft. Clinch. I'll check in from there.

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