Thursday, December 25, 2014

Return To Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet is one of those "hard-to-get-into" Florida State Parks, especially when you're planning to camp there in the winter months. Gary booked our favorite campsite (#36) early this year, just to make sure we had our spot when the time came. I'm glad he did. I LOVE Sebastian Inlet, and campsite #36 is one of my favorites anywhere we go. It's shady and the most secluded in the whole campground. Besides doing his usual antique shopping in the area, Gary spent most of his time hanging out with me at the campsite or exploring the park. This was our third visit to "Sebby" as I like to call it, but there's always lots of things to do and endless photo opportunities. I KNOW that he had just as much fun as I did. He was constantly traveling back and forth across that big bridge that separates the two halves of the park. The campground and boat launch is on the south end of the bridge. The main fishing pier and the Inlet Grill and Gift Shop (apparently an excellent place to eat and take pictures from), is on the north end of the bridge. The beach can be accessed from either end of the bridge, but Gary likes the north end better. We had two problems at the park, but neither was anything all that bad. One was the lack of a good phone and internet connection, and that's the reason why I didn't post while we were there. Gary would have to drive down to the picnic pavilion at the south end of the park to make a phone call or check on favorite internet sites. The internet there was not that consistent either. It all depended on the atmospheric conditions, I guess. The other problem occurred on our final night, when for some unknown reason, I was constantly being climbed on by raccoons. Gary figured it was because he made toast for a late night snack, and the raccoons smelled it. All I know is that I DID NOT enjoy having those creepy looking little critters using me as a climbing tree. One of them was still hanging around the following morning when we were packing up for our trip home. As you can see from the pictures, "Sebby" is a very pretty place to hang out. The five days we were there just FLEW by, but that always happens when we're having a good time. We headed home on Friday, December 19th, stopping for a couple of hours at the Wildwood Antique Mall in Titusville. Gary never passes an antique mall that he doesn't like. More news soon as we head to Paynes Prairie for the Holidays. As you know, that's another one of our FAVORITE parks, and I can't wait!


  1. The climbing racoons will make Maizie go nuts!!! I hope we don't see them and I hope they don't visit us.

  2. It only happened that one night to us, so hopefully it won't happen to you. Just don't cook anything right before bed, and you should be fine. Good luck!