Sunday, January 13, 2013

General Coffee State Park, Day #1

The weather guys were actually correct for a change, and the predicted rain began during the night while we were at Three Rivers. It wasn't raining hard, just enough to be nasty. Luckily, Gary had very little to do to get me ready to roll. I'm glad that he didn't get drenched taking care of the last minute things. As we pulled out of the park, I thought for sure that we were heading in the wrong direction to get to our next destination. Sure enough, I was right, but Gary went the wrong way on purpose. He wanted to take me through a tiny town called Two Egg that was just a little bit west of Three Rivers. There wasn't anything to see there, but he knew that I would be amused at the name of the town, and wanted to get a picture of the city limits sign. The town is SO small, that it doesn't even have a traffic light. We were in and out of it in a flash. From there, we traveled for several hours on small roads until we finally reached General Coffee State Park near Douglas, Georgia. It had rained the entire way, and was still raining when we arrived at the park. After checking in at the office, we picked out campsite #32 as our hangout for the next two nights. All of the campsites at General Coffee are pull-thru sites with concrete picnic tables, fire rings, power, and water. In Georgia, you get to pick your campsite when you arrive. In Florida, you reserve a specific campsite when you make your reservation. With the rain still coming down, Gary decided to do very little to get me set up. He left me hitched up to the van, hooked up my power cord, and raised my antenna. That was about it. There was no luck with receiving any TV stations except the PBS channel, so it's a good thing we had the DVD player with us for entertainment. Part of the attraction to our campsite was that it was the closest one to the restrooms. All of the campsites were pretty much the same, so it really didn't matter much. There were only four other campers in the park besides us, so it was REALLY quiet. We arrived pretty late in the day, so after some dinner and a shower and a movie, we hit the hay for the night. Our next day at General Coffee was supposed to be very nice according to the weather guys. I'll let you know next time if their predictions were right.

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