Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Last Morning At General Coffee State Park

Gary had slept soundly after getting lost in the woods on our last night at General Coffee. He woke up refreshed, and headed out early to go feed the animals at Heritage Farm within the park. I was a little afraid to let him out of my sight, but I didn't figure he could possibly get lost on a sunny morning. Once at the farm, he met a young couple with a cute little girl, and shared some of the carrots he had to feed the animals with. Jenny and Poncho the donkeys got most of the carrots. Gary and I LOVE donkeys, having been around Jack and Diane, the two donkeys at Gary's sister's farm. Once he returned to our campsite, I was hitched up for the ride to our next stop. With a photo opportunity around every corner (literally), Gary took many of me and the van on our way out of General Coffee. It was cute to hear Jenny and Poncho sounding off to us as we were leaving, almost like they were saying goodbye. Leaving was sad since we liked the park so well, but I know we will be back soon and hopefully often if I get my way. It was a pretty day and a relatively short ride to our next destination at Stephen C. Foster State Park near the Georgia/Florida border. But liking any place as much as we did General Coffee was going to be a difficult task.

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