Saturday, January 26, 2013

Visitors From The North

It's not often that Gary and I have visitors, but it's always good when we do. It's fun to meet new people and see our camping buddies. This past week, we had not one, not two, but THREE visitors, all of them from Jacksonville, Florida, the biggest town north of St. Augustine. The first to stop by was Caryn and her boyfriend Pete. Gary had met Caryn through Facebook on one of the vintage trailer forums. She has a Scotty, so she is familiar with trailers like myself. I think she found me interesting, and had lots of questions for Gary about how he had gone about fixing me up. Pete and Gary had a lot in common, with their love of trailers and cars. Our guests and Gary talked away the whole afternoon. Both Gary and I had a great time meeting them, and I hope we can get together again very soon. Maybe next time I will get to hang out with Caryn's Scotty for awhile, and we can talk about our humans. That would be FUN!!! A couple of days after Caryn and Pete were here, another one of our Scotty friends stopped by. Richard has camped with us before, but had never been here to see us at the Green Acres Garage. When Richard was rebuilding his 1971 15ft Scotty, my interior layout was the inspiration for how he designed his trailer. How cool is THAT? Gary and Richard hung out in the garage for awhile with me, and then spent the rest of the afternoon sorting through Scotty parts in the utility shed. Richard recently purchased another Scotty that needs work, and Gary had some of the parts and pieces that will help to complete the new project. If you're ever in the St. Augustine area, give us call for directions, and come on by for a visit. We'll leave a light on for ya!

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