Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stephen C. Foster State Park, Day #2

Gary already knew that there wasn't a lot to see at this park, so he slept in after our first night. It's very unusual that I am up before him, but I was this time. On this round of camping, we had stayed at Three Rivers State Park that had clotheslines in each campsite. General Coffee State Park had concrete picnic tables that were too thick to clamp the home-made clothesline poles to that Gary had made before we left home. Finally, he was able to test out his creation here at Stephen C. Foster. The idea worked, but not real well. He is going to re-design the clothesline poles, and will be ready to test them on our next round of camping. After breakfast and an hour or so of watching re-runs of "Friends" on TBS, Gary was off for some more exploring and picture taking. He walked a trail that contained a series of boardwalks leading into the swamp. Kind of ugly if you ask me. The campground check-in building, camp store, and marina was probably the most exciting and pretty area in the park, and even that wasn't very thrilling. Although I didn't see these places myself, I just wasn't that excited when I saw Gary's photos. There were rental boats and a scenic cruise boat that awaited to take the curious into the swamp, but Gary passed and so did everyone else that was there. Very little activity was going on anywhere in the park. I didn't even see any squirrels! A walk through the picnic pavillion towards the interactive center (that was closed), and Gary was done with his sightseeing. Football playoff games filled our afternoon and evening on our second and final day at Stephen C. Foster State Park. Thank God for that cable TV! After the great experiences we had at Three Rivers and General Coffee, this park was a big disappointment. Sometimes you get the diamond, and sometimes you get the rough.


  1. So was there anything there to do with Stephen Foster? Sort of a sad park, makes me want to stop there just so someone's there, park's not so lonely.

  2. Oh dear. The whole point of this park is to provide boat access in to the swamp. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world. Worth flying hours to get to.