Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stephen C. Foster State Park, Day #1

This park was a major change from General Coffee and most other places we have camped at. I really can't say it was a good change either. But, it was still a chance to camp in the great outdoors, and you know I'll never complain about that. The further we headed south after leaving General Coffee, the more overcast the day became. There wasn't too much of interest to see as we traveled south on US441. We spotted a group of vintage trailers in the woods just south of Homerville, but there was no place to turn around with me in tow. We just kept on cruising along until we reached the little town of Fargo, Georgia. On the south side of town, we came across state road 177, which would take us into Stephen C. Foster State Park. I thought the park would be just a short jaunt down the road, but I was wrong. We drove for 17 miles with hardly anything to see but a flat road with pine trees lining each side. We came across a big sign that said Okefenokee on it. I didn't have much schooling, but I knew that Okefenokee is a swamp. I was thinking to myself, "where is Gary taking me?" I occasionally question his sanity, and this was one of those times. We finally made it to the park, found the office to check in, and made our way to the campground. There weren't many people there, only a few in fact, and this was a Saturday. Most parks are PACKED on the weekends. We picked out campsite #48. It was BIG, and the surface was grass and leaves. We were right next door to the camp host, and only a few feet away from the all-important (for Gary anyway) restroom. We were out in the middle of nowhere, so luckily there was a cable TV hookup or TV reception would have been out of the question. There was no cellphone reception once we passed through Fargo, and when there's no cellphone reception, there's no internet connection. Gary barely had time enough to get me set up, and the rains came. It didn't last for very long, so Gary was still able to go out and take some pictures before dark. He wasn't gone for long, because there really wasn't much more to see in the park than there was on the way into the park. I know Gary was disappointed in the place, but we were there for two nights, and we were going to make the best of it.

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