Thursday, January 24, 2013

Okefenokee To Home Sweet Home

Before heading home from this round of camping, Gary had one more thing he wanted to do. Remember that group of vintage trailers that we saw in the woods on our way down to the campground that I mentioned in a previous post? Curiosity took over, and Gary drove all the way back to see them. With camera in hand, he expected to get some great shots of some cool old trailers. Who knows, maybe some of them were for sale or some parts could be bought at a great price. Things didn't work out like he planned. Upon arrival, he was met at the entrance of this un-marked place by a very un-friendly guy. Gary was told in no uncertain terms that he was on the private property of a hunting club, and needed to leave IMMEDIATELY. So, instead of taking the risk of getting shot, he drove all the way back to get me without so much as a single picture for his troubles. There was a Shasta and a couple of old Airstreams there for sure. I guess we'll never know what other treasures were lurking in the woods. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Attitude. Gary hitched me up for the ride home, and we drove one more time through the park to see if anybody new had come in. There wasn't. We took some odd little roads in Georgia and on into Florida above Jacksonville on the way south. As you know, Gary had already gotten lost once on this trip when he was by himself. I was hoping that he wasn't going to get me lost as well on our way home. We finally made our way to the highly recognizable I-10. Not one of my favorite roads, but at least familiar territory. From there, we merged onto I-295 around west Jacksonville. We stopped at Harbor Freight tools for awhile, then Wendy's for a late lunch. Back on the road, we finally made it to I-95 and headed towards the Nation's Oldest City and our hometown, the beautiful St.Augustine. Knowing we were so close, I was getting excited to get back into my garage and take a nap. I don't know why I'm so tired all the time, but Gary is going to start bathing me in Red Bull if I don't snap out of it. Through the gate and into the garage, we were home sweet home again. Three more weeks until we go camping again. How will I fill my time?

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