Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Three Rivers State Park, Day #1

After the problem on the road with the van, we were very happy to be safe and sound at Three Rivers. We arrived much later than planned, but that's alright. It's about a two mile drive back to the campground from the entrance of the park. Entering the campground, we quickly found our campsite, and got settled in for our three night stay. Gary grabbed his new camera, and headed out to take some pictures. Rain was predicted, but we made it through the afternoon and evening before the showers finally started. It's very unusual that campgrounds have clotheslines, but Three Rivers is one of the few that have them. When the rains began, Gary dashed outside to gather the towels, and he re-hung them onto my indoor clothesline. That is a very handy thing to have, and something that gets used nearly everywhere we go. I'm glad that Gary got that for me, but probably not as much as he is. He HATES wet towels! TV reception was good, but internet was spotty at best. I tried repeatedly to post on my blog, but gave up after getting aggravated. Trust me when I say that there's nothing much worse than an aggravated Toaster. I'm sure Gary would agree. I finally calmed down, and watched TV with Gary for a couple of hours. We failed to make it until midnight to greet the New Year. It had been a fairly stressful day, and we were both too tired to stay up. Gosh, I guess Gary's old age is rubbing off on me. Our "party animal" days are definitely over. Check back to see what happens on the first day of 2013. See ya then!

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