Friday, January 11, 2013

Three Rivers State Park, Day #3

In my last post, I mentioned that another issue came up with the van while Gary was off on his Wal-Mart run. This one was was a relatively fast fix, and one that Gary had apparently anticipated. At the same time that the new alternator was purchased, Gary also bought a new belt tensioner. He noticed during the alternator replacement that the belt tensioner looked old and was slightly out of alignment. He didn't want to take the time to replace it in the NAPA parts store parking lot, and figured that it would last until we got back home. It lasted a couple of hundred more miles, but it started making noises on his Wal-Mart run. So the first order of our last day at Three Rivers, was to replace the offending part. It took less than an hour to replace, and once again, my old buddy the van was feeling much better. With the repair work behind him, Gary was off on his bike for some more exploration of the park. He made a couple of sandwiches to take with him, and ate them under the picnic pavillion overlooking Lake Seminole. He hiked the trails between the picnic pavillions and the boat ramp, and rode for miles on the hilly roads. He finished the day back in the campground, watching the ducks in Lake Seminole, and eventually the sunset from the pier. A high chance of rain was forecast for the following morning, so Gary hitched me up to the van before calling it a night. With only the last minute things to pack up, we were almost ready to say goodbye to Three Rivers.

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