Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paynes Prairie Revisited, Day #4

Everyday here at Paynes Prairie has been wonderful, but today was my personal favorite. I finally got to spend the entire day with my buddy Gary. Thanks to yesterday's extremely long trail hike, he was just too tired today to do much of anything. It was a beautiful day here at our beautiful campsite. After temperatures in the 80's during our first three days, it only got up to 61 today. Gary spent most of the day reading a book, as he relaxed in a chair in the sun. At some point, he actually fell asleep for awhile. That was nice to see since he's always so busy. For security reasons, Gary doesn't throw away any paperwork that has any personal information on it. He throws it in a big box, and burns it a couple of times a year when we go camping. Late today, he started a fire with the paperwork and a stack of wood, and we've been enjoying it for hours. It's still burning right now. I think I'll probably be by myself a lot tomorrow, since Gary has rested up and is ready to do more than just lounge around. But, today was SO much fun, and just what both Gary and I needed. Talk to ya later!

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