Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Rainy Saturday At Tomoka State Park

Friday here at Tomoka State Park ended up being a beautiful day. The weather guys said it was going to rain all day. We should know by now not to listen to them. It did rain Friday night, and sometimes quite heavily with gusty winds. But by Saturday morning, things looked somewhat better. At least at wasn't first. Gary took a few pics of the muddy road that runs through the campground. The large valleys fill up with water every time it rains here. That's the only thing we dislike about Tomoka. The campground road needs to be paved or at least graded every now and then. It's either dusty here, or swampy wet. At least our campsite was nice and dry, so no complaints about that. Gary noticed this morning that there's an orange tree right across the street at the corner of campsite #91. It's loaded with fruit. That's something we've never seen in a campground. By 10AM, it was raining again, and the rain persisted all day. Gary's plans to attend the big car show at the speedway didn't happen. Instead, he did some more antique shopping, then came back here and took a long nap. I was pretty sleepy myself, and joined in. There's a zero percent chance of rain tomorrow (Sunday). We'll be packing up and heading off to our next destination on our four stop loop through Florida. It should be a good day for a ride. I've had enough of this rain, and I'm looking forward to a sunny day. I'll check in from our next stop, and show you some pictures of our campsite. Live from Tomoka State Park, this is Toaster. Over and out.

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