Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poor Old Overloaded "Dodge"

As you know, I always get a lot of attention. Then there's Gary, who I mention often in my blog posts. But who is it that never gets attention and rarely gets mentioned? It's my buddy "Dodge" the van. He is one hard working dude for sure. If it weren't for "Dodge", we couldn't go on our trips. There would be no Adventures Of Toaster without him. There would be no blog because there would be nothing for me to write about. Other than Gary, he is definitely my best friend. Hopefully he will be my best friend forever. Gary and I would be totally lost without him. We're kind of like the Three Musketeers or the Three Amigos. Gary often says that "Dodge" is the best thing he ever bought on eBay, and the best $1200 he ever spent. Yes, you read that right....$1200. "Dodge" is SUPER reliable, and he never complains about anything. He just keeps on truckin'. Thank you, "Dodge" for all you do. I love you, man! The regular readers of my blog know that we've been off on a long trip through Georgia recently. We spent four nights at General Coffee State Park, four nights at Pat and Dan's (Gary's sister and brother-in-law's) farm, four nights at Cloudland Canyon State Park, and then back to Pat and Dan's farm for three more nights. "Dodge" got us there not necessarily in style, but definitely with a smile. Our final stop at the farm was to pick up that large load of rusty sheet metal from the shed that Gary tore down. So, "Dodge" had to haul all of that, all of our camping gear, all of Gary's personal stuff, and all of the antiques and junk Gary bought along the way. Plus, he had to haul Gary and pull me all the way back to St. Augustine. He's just plain unbelievable! As we always do, we made it back without any problems. Gary and "Dodge" travelled over 1600 miles. Gary estimated that I only went about 1200 miles. I sat a lot while Gary and "Dodge" hunted for antiques and went sightseeing. Anyway, that's a lot of miles and I imagine that "Dodge" was pretty darn tired when we got home, even though he didn't show it. I've attached a few pics of some of the stuff that "Dodge" carried home. These pictures were taken after the camping gear and Gary's personal stuff was already removed. There was hardly any room at all in poor old "Dodge" when he was totally loaded. For some unknown reason, at least to me, Gary bought those old bed springs that are wedged in at an angle over the rusty metal. I'm not sure what he's going to do with them, or any of this stuff for that matter, but I guess we'll all find out eventually. The metal was unloaded, sorted by size, and stacked as neatly as possible behind Helen the Husqvarna in the garage. All of the smaller antiques found homes inside the house. The bed springs and a bunch of larger stuff that isn't pictured, is currently surrounding me. The garage seems to be getting smaller with all this junk that Gary is buying, but as long as there's room for me and "Dodge", then I'm not going to complain. Another series of adventures for yours truly and his best buddies is just ahead. Stay tuned to find out where "Dodge" is taking us to next.

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