Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Of all the places we've been to, Cloudland Canyon is second only to Letchworth State Park as far as beautiful scenery goes. The waterfalls are much bigger and more spectacular at Letchworth, but Cloudland has stairways that lead you right down to the base of the waterfalls in the depths of the canyon itself. Sometimes I'm glad that I'm a lazy little travel trailer, and not a human. Just looking at all those pathways and steps going down into the canyon make me extremely tired. I'm glad that Gary is in the habit of taking lots of pictures so I can enjoy the view without having to put in the effort. It's roughly 600 steps to the bottom of the canyon. Cloudland is definitely a hiker's paradise. Gary wasn't feeling too great as he went out to explore the park, but he still made the trek and walked for miles. He said it was much easier heading down into the canyon than coming back up. He was so tired when he got back to the campground, that all he could do was to take a long nap. The waterfalls and streams look beautiful, and the overviews into the canyon are pretty darn spectacular. Cloudland (like Letchworth), is one of the original Civilian Conservation parks. Those guys did beautiful work. Most of the structures they created in the 1930's are still in use today. Gary explored other parts of the park besides the overlook and the canyon, and I'll post some pictures of those areas next time. For now, I hope you'll enjoy the pictures I picked out of the hundreds that Gary took. They're just a handful of my favorites.

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