Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back To Woodbury

Our final night and following morning at Cloudland Canyon was quite cold. The temperature got down to 26 degrees, and didn't warm into the 30's until we were ready to leave around 11AM. Brrr!!! I know a lot of our friends would think that 26 degrees is a heat wave, but for southern boys like Gary and I, that's pretty nippy. Check out the picture of the icicle that formed under the water inlet on my door side. The hose connection dripped a little, and much to our surprise, that long solid icicle formed during the night. Wow! There was ice all over the picnic table cover as well. After all the camping gear was packed up and I was hitched to the van, Gary took a nice hot shower to warm up. By then, the sun made it feel a bit warmer than it actually was. After his shower, we left our terrific campsite, and headed south towards Woodbury Georgia, the town where Gary's sister and brother-in-law's farm is. One thing I failed to mention in my previous posts, is that Gary had left the power cable to the computer at the farm during our earlier visit. He could do the basics with his smart phone, but I couldn't blog or post pictures. Our original plans didn't include a second stop to Woodbury, but the missing computer cable and the metal from the old shed that needed to be picked up, made the stop a necessity. It's always fun to go there, so we were both happy to go back. We headed back the way we came, on US-27. As I mentioned before, it's a really nice road. We arrived back at the farm late in the afternoon. I assumed my usual place in the yard next to the pump shed. I get my power from there. Our visit this time would be for three nights. Watching all the animals kept me busy. Gary and his relatives went antique shopping, and spent a lot of time at a huge estate sale in the nearby town of Thomaston. They had a lot of fun, and bought a lot of cool stuff at ridiculously low prices. We enjoyed Cloudland Canyon so much that Gary booked a five night stay for us in November. Of course, that means that we'll be coming back to Woodbury again too. The fall foliage should be beautiful that time of year. I'm already counting the days!

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