Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Park, Another Sunday

After a great night's sleep on Saturday night, we awoke to a beautiful blue sky Sunday morning. What a GORGEOUS day! You can see what a bright and sunny day it was by looking at the sun reflecting off Gary's bald head. Sorry buddy, I couldn't resist! Gary whipped up a light breakfast, and then decided to walk the West River Swamp Trail that leads from the campground to a large picnic area in the middle of the park. Over and back was 2.8 miles. He didn't appear to be tired when he got back, but he sat outside in a camp chair and listened to music while reading a book about one of his favorite groups, HEART. He spent most of the day out there. He was either really interested in the book, or was more tired from the hike than he looked. I'm pretty sure it was the book. The majority of campers left one by one as the day progressed, leaving only four of us (counting yours truly) to spend another night. Gary finally got up from reading his book, and went down to feed Poncho and Jenny some carrots. The lazy day carried over into the evening. Gary took an early shower, ate a couple of sandwiches for dinner, and then we both fell asleep watching a movie. It was another GREAT day here at General Coffee State Park.

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