Monday, March 17, 2014

Rolling To Woodbury

I am very sorry that I haven't posted for two weeks. Gary and Dodge and I have been on the road in Georgia, and all of our activities have gotten in the way of internet time. We're home now, but lots of things have happened during our travels. Let me explain what's been going on. My last post was from General Coffee State Park. We were alone there on our third of four nights, and only two other campers were in the park on our final night on Tuesday. It was REALLY quiet. From General Coffee, we headed west to Woodbury Georgia on Wednesday for some camping at Gary's sister and brother-in-law's farm. The last time we visited with Pat and Dan was nearly two years ago. It's always fun to go there. I've got a great "campsite" with up close and personal views of all the cool farm animals, and Gary greatly enjoys Pat's terrific cooking. He always packs on a few pounds while we're there, but he's happy to do so. During our visit, Pat and Dan took Gary antique shopping and to an auction among other things. They watched movies at night. I was alone a lot, but I didn't mind. The animals kept me entertained. I got to hang out with Jack and Diane (the donkeys), Red the mini-horse, the heard of goats, the chickens, and the newest members of the family, the twin black cats. On our last day at the farm, Pat and Dan took Gary over to see some acreage they bought last year. On that acreage was an old shed that had been there so long that the roof had caved in. Gary was interested in the rusty old sheet metal on it for use in his upcoming shabby chic/man cave living room renovation. So, while Pat and Dan chopped down some overgrowth on the property, Gary disassembled the shed. I'll have pics of the process during my next post. As it is during all of our camping adventures, our four night stay in Woodbury went by very quickly. We packed up and headed towards our next stop on Sunday morning. I'm determined to catch up on my posting, so I'll tell you all about it very soon. The "Georgia Tour" is far from over.

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