Monday, March 24, 2014

Elsewhere In Cloudland Canyon

In addition to the canyon and the scenic overlooks, Cloudland Canyon State Park has lots of other interesting things to see and places to visit. While I lounged in our campsite and enjoyed the visiting squirrels and the cool and sunny days, Gary made the rounds and took these pictures. The first picture is of one of two restrooms in the west end campground. It was located directly behind our campsite. Just down the road from our campground, are cabins 6 thru 16. Cabins 1 thru 5 are located in the east end campground. They all look pretty much alike, except cabin number 16, which unfortunately burned to the ground. Along with the campsites and cabins, there's also a new yurt village. Those are pretty cool looking, but not as cool as me, of course. The road that leads to the east rim campground and cabins 1 thru 5, also takes visitors to most of the park's activity areas. There are tennis courts, a huge disc golf (Frisbee) area, volleyball, an interpretive center, and several picnic areas. The visitor center is fully stocked with most anything necessary, and also has a large selection of gifts. It also serves as the camping and cabin check-in. There are many trails that would wear out the most professional of hikers, and miles of roads to drive or bicycle, some of them with very steep inclines. Outside of the park, Lookout Mountain and Rock City are not far away, and Gary spent LOTS of time visiting the many antique stores in nearby Chattanooga, TN. and Ringgold, GA. He had a touch of a cold or flu on our first and second days, but bought some cold medications and quickly felt much better. I hate to see my best buddy feeling poorly, especially when we're on a camping trip. It was good to see him bounce back so fast. Well, there's a little look around the beautiful Cloudland Canyon. I hope you've enjoyed the tour.

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