Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're Off To See The Donkeys

Okay, folks, guess where we're camping at? Those of you that read my blog regularly, know that there's only two places we go to that have donkeys, so that should be a BIG hint. Give up, or did you guess that we are currently at our favorite Georgia State Park, General Coffee in Nichols, GA.? Yep, we're back here again, and in the same campsite (#47) that we were in when we were here at New Year's. We liked this campsite a lot, and hoped it wouldn't be taken. We got lucky. Although there isn't a lot of campers here, there is more than we normally see. Our closest neighbor is that gigantic Prevost bus that Gary snapped a picture of. It's nice to see something like that instead of the typical modern day boring motorhome. At least it's got style. And it's shiny. I like shiny. We got here around 11AM. After setting me up for our stay, and having a couple of sandwiches for lunch, Gary headed into nearby Douglas, GA. to look through a couple of his favorite antique malls. He bought two things and only spent ten dollars, so it was a pretty cheap afternoon's entertainment. He left the radio on for me to listen to. I sang along with a few songs, and quickly fell asleep. It's so peaceful here that falling asleep is VERY easy to do. On the way back from antique shopping, Gary stopped at Heritage Farm. It is located inside the park and just around the corner from the park office. His mission, as it always is when we are here, was to feed Poncho and Jenny, our donkey friends. Unlike our last two visits, they were in the same pasture together, along with Pepper the horse. Pepper is very aggressive, and chases the donkeys away, thinking he will get all the carrots. He gets an occasional carrot for distraction purposes, but 99% of the carrots go to the donkeys. Gary got some great pictures of them today. Aren't they cute? We will be here for four days, and I don't dare blink because I know if I do, it will suddenly be time to go. Time always flies when you're having fun, and this place is nothing but fun. This is the first stop on a fairly long camping adventure. I'll let you know about our next stop soon, but for now, I intend to enjoy every second of our stay here at General Coffee. If you've been here, you know what a GREAT place it is. If you've never visited, bring some carrots and come on over. Poncho and Jenny can't wait to meet you!


  1. Looks like you are having a great time! Glad the weather is decent. Here in Texas it has been craaaaaazzzzzzy. Today 80 and tomorrow at sunset will be in the 30's!! AND the pollen is out. It looks like Poncho & Jenny remember you (bet it's all those carrots Gary gives them) and Pepper is looking mighty sweet in that piucture (we both know how deceiving looks can be though)

    Where are you headed next? Only have a couple of months left before it starts to get too hot to go out. Glad you have a long trip planned!

    Talk to you soon! Have fun and try to keep both yourself and Gary out of trouble!

  2. Wow, Barb, that IS some wacky weather you're having. It's been weird here too, but not that extreme. Yes, Poncho & Jenny seem to know who Gary is when he goes to see them. They LOVE their Uncle Gary! Pepper is a nice looking horse, but WAY too aggressive.

    Our next stop is Gary's sister's farm. She has two donkeys also. Their names are Jack & Diane, and they are really sweet animals. Being around them is what got Gary and I interested in donkeys.

    We have a lot of camping planned this month, and it will continue into the first week of April. Unfortunately, that's when our camping season comes to an end.

    Thanks for writing. It's always good to hear from you. I make no guarantees when it comes to keeping out of trouble. If we need bail money, can we call you? Ha-Ha-Ha!!! Have a GREAT weekend!