Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heading For The Mountains

Our first visit (of two on this trip) with Pat and Dan at their farm had reached it's end, and it was time to head north to the Georgia mountains. We were ready to roll around 10AM. Gary DID NOT want to drive on I-75, which was the way that MapQuest and the navigation on his smart phone suggested. Instead, we headed west and caught US27, and headed due north from there. It was a good choice. US27 is a four-lane divided highway, it's smoother than the interstate, and with the exception of a couple of larger towns we went through, the traffic was extremely light. We stopped to gas up "Dodge" in Carrollton, and made another stop to get ice for the cooler in Rome at the local "Twice The Ice". We continued north and the hills got steeper to climb. "Dodge" is geared for Florida flatlands, and hills are definitely not his thing. But, he never complains, and he got us to our destination at Cloudland Canyon State Park without any problems. After checking in at the park office and gift shop, we drove through the east rim campground. It was okay, but we wanted to see what the west rim campground had to offer. It was more heavily treed than the east rim campground, and we liked that better. Gary picked campsite #3 for our stay. It was a nice campsite, and bigger than was needed for a little trailer like me. But the campground had plenty of available spaces, and we could have any one we wanted. #3 was as good or better than any of the others. I was perfectly happy with it. Cloudland Canyon is a BIG park, and there's lots to see and do for explorers like Gary. It was too late on the day of our arrival to do much, but I knew that Gary would waste no time in checking the place out on the following day. And that he did. Pictures of the beautiful Cloudland Canyon State Park will be posted very soon.


  1. you and Gary ROCK. I lived in the Atlanta area for like 15 years and never heard of, much less visited this park. It sure looks lovely. Glad Gary took a lot of pictures because you aren't the only on who likes to look at them. There are a lot of nice areas up in north GA. You need to head up 441 sometime and explore the old towns that were cut of when 441 was built as a highway. I think you both would like Rabun County. The firefox books place is there, some good antique (junk) stores. My daughter went to school at Rabun Gap school which is right on 441 on a big hill. The school owns thousands of acres and is still a working farm! It was founded by the founder of Coke. It is actually a place you could go to up until about June. It stays nice longer than most everywhere else. I think the motto is "Where Spring spends the summer". Some rally nice trails, waterfalls, mountains and just really God's Country. If you go a bit north into NC there are some cute towns you'd like- Dillsboro is one. Oh and you can also ridge the railroad all around up there. Easily spend a month! Well have fun and talk to you soon.

    your buddy,

  2. Thanks for all of that valuable information, Barb. Hopefully I can talk Gary into touring all of the places you mentioned. They sound AWESOME!!! I'd like to spend a month on the road. We haven't been away from home that long yet, but we've gotten close a couple of times this year. I think I need to get busy and book a long trip for us. As always, thanks for your comments. I'm not sure about Gary and I, but you definitely ROCK!!!

    Your Buddy,