Monday, December 24, 2012

Blue Spring State Park, Day #1

Back in late March of this year, we camped here at Blue Spring for the first time. We had a GREAT time, but due to the warmer than normal temperatures, Gary missed out on seeing the manatees that frequent the spring in the winter. When plans were being made for our winter series of camping, a return trip to Blue Spring was one of the first places that Gary booked. Last time we camped in site number 10, but this time we're in number 12. It's a nice secluded site, and once again, Gary picked us a winner. It's the perfect place for my daily naps while Gary is out exploring. In-between sites 18 and 19 is a paved walking path that leads to the spring. Gary walked that path twice today, once very early this morning, and once in the afternoon. He took LOTS of pictures of the manatees that were swimming and playing together. I didn't know what a manatee looked like until he showed me the pictures. They are SO cool!!! How sweet and peaceful they are. There was a reporter and a camera guy at the spring from a local TV station. They were interviewing visitors to the park that had come to see the manatees. The camera guy also had a small underwater video camera on a stick that he was putting down in the water to capture the manatees up close. They thought the camera was food, and would swim right up to it. I'll bet he got some TERRIFIC video. I've included a couple of my favorite manatee photos that Gary took. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did. Today is Christmas Eve, and the photos are our little gift to you. Merry Christmas to you all, from your camping buddies, Toaster and Gary.

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