Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rainbow Springs State Park, Day #2

First of all, I have to tell you how much I enjoy being able to blog from wherever we go. I used to have to wait until we got home to tell you about my adventures. This is FUN to talk with you LIVE. YAY for modern technology! Our second day here at Rainbow Springs, and Gary was off running around taking pictures for me. I have him trained very well, don't you think? Usually while he is out, I get to take a nap and enjoy the campground. Unfortunately, there are some people about three campsites down with little kids that do nothing but scream all the time. So, as nice as this campground is, a few people have to spoil the peace and tranquility that was so plentiful at our last stop at Paynes Prairie. Anyway, it was a nice, sunny, nearly sixty degree day here. It started off around thirty degrees, but warmed up quickly. It's 72 degrees in the springs all year, so it was actually warmer in them. I wouldn't have minded dipping my tires in the spring, but they wouldn't allow that. Oddly, there isn't access to the main part of the park from the campground unless you paddle or drive. So, Gary drove around to the headsprings (main) entrance to the park which is about seven miles from the campground. Once there, he was greeted with many visual delights. He REALLY enjoyed the beauty of the springs, and all of the waterfalls and paved walking trails. This park was once a privately-owned attraction until the State took it over in the early seventies. There was obviously plenty for him to see and do, because he was gone for HOURS! He was happy and tired when he came back. Our time here is nearly over, and our next stop will be Blue Spring State Park. We will be there for three nights including Christmas. I'll chat with you when we get there. LIVE from Rainbow Springs, this is Toaster. Happy Camping, Y'all.

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