Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rest Stop, Exit 131, Ft. Myers, FL.

Gary and I are on our way to Collier-Seminole State Park, which is south of Naples, on Florida's west coast. Even though our reservation doesn't start until Monday, Gary decided to leave a day early and hopefully see some fun stuff along the way without having to hurry. We left around 4AM this morning (Sunday), and headed to a rest stop on I-95 for some sleep before daylight. We parked next to a big rig that was there when we arrived, and was still there when we left. I guess the driver was even sleepier than us, and we were pretty tired. We hit the road around 8:30AM. All of those exciting things that we hoped to see didn't happen. The only old trailer we saw anywhere was a beat up Airstream in somebody's yard. It was a pretty day, but the trip wasn't exactly the most fun one we've ever been on. Oh well, you can't win them all. We took our time, and Gary stopped at a few Wal-Marts along the way. You probably know by now that he LOVES Wal-Marts. I don't think we've been anywhere on a trip without stopping at a few. The goal for today was to make it to the closest rest stop to the campground, and that's exactly where we are. This rest stop is unusual in the fact that it's off the interstate and very quiet. There is nobody in the RV section but us, and they have a separate area for those noisy 18-wheelers. We are going to sleep good tonight! Gary took a couple of pictures in the dark, so I hope you can see them. One is of me, and the other is of the laptop with my blog displayed. Gary made himself at home, and pulled out his camp chair, and made a couple of sandwiches to munch on before helping me with this post. The temps are in the lower to mid 60's, we have excellent cellphone reception, and we are all set for a restful night. If we have cellphone reception from the campground, I will post again tomorrow and tell you about our day. If not, I'll catch up with you later. Have a good one. This is Toaster, over and out.

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