Thursday, December 6, 2012

Collier-Seminole, Day Two And Beyond

Gary and I slept well in the deep darkness of Collier-Seminole State Park on our first night. After a big breakfast the following morning, Gary hooked up with our park ranger friend, Michelle Craig. She was VERY generous in spending her day off showing Gary the sights of the park. He had a GREAT time, but was seriously tired when he got back from a LONG hike. It's not often that he comes back and takes a nap, but that's exactly what he did. Thankfully, he took a shower first. For December, it is unusually warm in Florida, and he had gotten pretty sweaty during his outing. Along the trail, Michelle and Gary came across a couple of alligators, and various piles of bear scat. In case you're wondering, scat is another name for poop, and they saw quite a bit of it. At least they didn't actually SEE the bear or bears that made the scat. After the hike, they stopped by Michelle's place for something to drink, and Gary got to see Michelle's little Scotty in his home environment. After that, Michelle took Gary to a two-story observation tower where they took LOTS of pictures. Michelle took the one of Gary using her Nikon with the HUGE lens to zoom in on the sights of the area. After Gary woke up from his nap, we watched three movies together before hitting the hay for our final night at Collier-Seminole. It was another restful night of sleep for us both. The next morning, I asked Gary if we could cruise through the park on our way out, and take some pictures with ME in them. Once again, Michelle hooked up with us and took pictures of me along with Gary. I haven't seen them yet, but I'm sure they are as terrific as all of Michelle's pictures are. Shortly after the photo session, we made our way to I-75, heading north towards Myakka River State Park. We will spend two days here. This is a HUGE park, and looks to be lots of fun. I'll type more when I can. From east of Sarasota, Florida, this is your buddy Toaster. Have a GREAT day!

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