Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rainbow Springs State Park, Day #1

Rainbow Springs is supposedly less than an hour away from Paynes Prairie where we came from, but it took us MUCH longer than that to get here. Gary had Mapquested the directions, but they were wrong. So, by trial and error, we finally got here. The campground appears to be new, and is very much like the one at Lake Louisa where we camped a couple of weeks ago. The campsite surface is hard packed white gravel, and the entry roads are paved and very smooth. This is only the second state park we have stayed at that has clotheslines. Usually, the little clothesline reel over my rear bed comes in handy since the parks don't allow you to tie anything to trees. There is also a grill on each site. Most of the parks just have a fire ring with a grill grate. It's MUCH different here from the peaceful surroundings of Paynes Prairie, but it's a nice place and one I think that Gary would come back to. At least next time he will know how to get here. There are lots of BIG motorhomes and trailers here, but for once, I am not the littlest trailer in the campground. We spotted the little white teardrop in the bottom picture on the way in. We took our time leaving Paynes Prairie, and got here late. Gary didn't have time to explore the place today, but I'm sure he will see as much as he can tomorrow. It's supposed to be thirty degrees tonight. That's pretty nippy for Florida. The camp host came around and asked Gary to leave the water spigot on just a little to keep it from freezing. You know me, and I don't care if it's cold or hot as long as I'm camping. Gary is THRILLED when it's cold, so he will be in a GREAT mood. After the Mapquest fiasco, he wasn't very happy at all. It will be interesting to see what Gary has to say when he comes back from checking this place out tomorrow. Will it be yay or nay? I'll share his findings with you as soon as I can. Have fun and stay warm!

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