Monday, December 3, 2012

Collier-Seminole State Park, Naples, FL.

I'll begin this post where I left off on the last one, and that is the rest stop off I-75 at exit 131. Gary and I had a very restful night there. It was as peaceful as most campgrounds we've been to, without having to worry about the raccoons getting into the cooler. We woke up refreshed, and ready to head towards our campsite for the next two nights at Collier-Seminole State Park in Naples, FL. After arriving and Gary getting me set up for our stay, he headed off on his bicycle to check the place out. There are two campsite loops, a small one for tent campers, and a larger one for everything else. Gary had checked before making the reservations, and the rangers at the park said that it would be okay for us to stay in the smaller loop since I am so small. So, I am the only trailer in the tent loop. Gary didn't like the bigger loop at all, so I'm glad we are in the loop he prefers. He gets cranky when he's not happy. It's quiet here, and I fell asleep listening to birds singing and watching squirrels play while Gary was out bike riding. He came back around 4:30 after exploring and taking pictures. He ate, took a shower, and now he's out looking for Wal-Marts. What else is new, right? There is little to no TV reception here, so he is out killing some time before coming back for the night. I've got the lights on for him. He brought some DVD's, so we'll no doubt catch a movie and then hit the hay. So far, I haven't seen any critters lurking around here. I'm a little nervous being here by myself, but I'll be alright. I think that Gary is going to explore some trails tomorrow. As for me, I'll do what I always do...relax and let nature entertain me until I fall asleep. I see headlights and I hear the familiar sound of the van, so I'd better get off this computer. Until next time, happy camping and sweet dreams.

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