Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lake Louisa State Park, Day #1

Yeah, yeah....I know I look like an ant compared to an elephant being parked next to that big rig at a rest stop on the way here to Lake Louisa. Unfortunately, there is rarely anybody my size at rest stops. I always feel intimidated, but we're never there for long. When we made this stop, we were only about fifteen miles away from the campground, and as always, I was excited knowing we were so close. A new day and a new place. What's not to be excited about? All the state parks are different, and that's what makes them so much fun to go to. You never know what they will be like until you finally get there. If there's such a thing as hilly terrain in Florida, Lake Louisa and the whole Clermont, Florida area is where you'll find it. When you're up on a hill here, you can see for miles. That's really wierd for the normally flat Florida. There are three to four miles between the entry gate and the campground. There were hills and valleys and even an old orange grove that we went through to finally reach our destination. Once into the campground, Gary located campsite #15 quickly, and got me set-up for our stay. Most state parks have dirt, sand, or shell campsites, but Lake Louisa has hard-packed white gravel. I kind of like it. I stay a LOT cleaner this way. There isn't a lot of privacy foliage here between the campsites, but Gary put me as far over as he could under a tree so I could have some shade. For what is available here, I think Gary picked out a pretty good campsite. We're nestled between Dixie Lake and Hammond Lake, two of the many lakes here in the park. The restroom is right across the street, which is very important when you're as old as Gary is (ha-ha!!!). As always, Gary will leave me behind tomorrow, and will go explore the park. There is some kind of event going on that we don't know about yet, because there are LOTS of high-school aged kids here. I'll tell you more when Gary tells me. Have a FUN day!

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