Friday, December 7, 2012

Myakka River State Park, Day #1

I've gotta say that Myakka River is one of the top five State Parks that we've been to. Two days there just isn't enough to fully enjoy all the things the park has to offer. While I held down the fort, so to speak, Gary was constantly busy trying to make the rounds and take in as much as he could. Except for coming back to the campsite to eat and sleep, I didn't see him much at all. Gary took LOTS of pictures that he will share on his Facebook page, but he let me have a few to post here on my blog for your enjoyment. Let's see....where do I begin? Well, first off, we arrived at the park on Wednesday afternoon. There was LOTS of wildlife to be seen, and I got to see some deer, wild boar, and alligators, all before we even made it to our campsite. It was AMAZING!!! As soon as I got set up for our stay, Gary was off on his bicycle exploring the place. There is one area called the canopy walk, and it has a really cool suspension bridge supported by towers that Gary walked across. Better him than me, since I like to keep both wheels on the ground. He said it was REALLY cool, and you could see for miles in all directions from seventy-six feet up. Gary was gone until dark, and I was getting a bit worried that one of those gators had gotten him, but he finally came back. At night, there were raccoons and armadillos in abundance, right there in our camping loop. They're a little creepy, but fun to watch....from a distance. We watched "Survivor" and "Nashville" on TV before going to bed for the night. Gary was eager to get an early start on Thursday and see more of the place. I'll post a few more pics next time, and hopefully you will get a feel for how cool Myakka really is. What a FUN place!

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