Friday, February 1, 2013

Paynes Prairie Revisited, Day #5 (our last day)

Our last day here at Paynes Prairie, and once again I was by myself. Gary headed out mid-morning to three different antique malls in nearby Williston and not-so-nearby Ocala. I know it sounds mean, but I really didn't mind that he was gone. He spent the whole day with me yesterday, and I knew that wouldn't happen for two days in a row. It's hard to keep him anchored down for very long. Anyway, it was beautiful here as it has been all week. It was cool out, but the sun was bright. The combination of the two sure did feel good on my skin. This is what winter should feel like, instead of the 85 degree temperature we had on Wednesday. While I basked in the sun here at the campsite, Gary took in a total of three large antique malls, and three smaller antique stores. As usual, he was gone for hours. I was so happy to see the van and Gary come home. I fully expected him to pop out of the van with arm loads of goodies, but all he bought was two Hot Wheels cars (are those antiques?), and a vintage Dodge Trucks coffee mug. That sure wasn't much to show for all the time he was gone. The stuff he found today wasn't nearly as cool as what he found earlier in the week, but as long as he likes it and it makes him happy, it's alright with me. He barely had time to cook some dinner outside on the picnic table before dark. Since then, he's been watching TV and talking on the phone, while I began to gather my thoughts for this blog entry. I'm sad that this will be our final night here at Paynes Prairie, and I surely hope we can come back here soon. A new adventure begins in about a week, so check in when you can to see where we'll be next. Thanks for reading, and goodnight one and all from campsite #42 at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

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