Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Busy Day At The Prairie

Gary woke up early, ate breakfast, fed the squirrels that were hanging out at our campsite, and hit the road. While I relaxed and was constantly entertained by the antics of my furry-tailed little friends, Gary was making the rounds to antique stores in the nearby towns of Micanopy, Williston, Reddick, and McIntosh. On the way back, a sign for an old trailer park caught his eye. He loves stuff like that. On occasion while towing me, he will spot something he wants to photograph, and we pull off the road so abrubtly, that it scares me to death. I think he forgets I'm right behind him sometimes. It was mid afternoon by the time Gary made it back to the campground. His right knee has been bothering him lately, and with all the walking he did at the antique stores, I figured he would be ready to rest after eating his late lunch. I was right. He played on the computer for awhile, watched TV, and took a short stroll through the park to take a few pics. Two spots down from us was a shiny new Airstream. Gary struck up a conversation with Sam, the Airstream's owner, and got to look at the inside of it. After talking about trailers for awhile, and sharing information about various state parks, Sam came down to visit with me. Nice guy, and he was very complimentary. That's Sam posing for a pic with me. I've never seen an Airstream as short as Sam's is. It is barely bigger than me. In looking around the campground, I was still the smallest and the oldest trailer in the place, but what else is new? One more day to go at Paynes Prairie before it's time to go. Oh NO!!!

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