Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heading Home To St. Augustine

Man, I hated leaving Paynes Prairie today. It's so sad to know that our camping season has come to an end. I know that Gary will be "gamping" (garage camping) in me here at home until the heat keeps him inside the house, but not being out enjoying new places and revisiting our favorite parks for six whole months is going to be difficult. We pulled out of our campsite around 10AM. It looks pretty lonely without me in it, doesn't it? When Gary stopped at the ranger station to check out, he finally got the story behind the name "Puc Puggy" for which the campground is named. It's an indian name that was given to William Bartram the naturalist, and the man that first documented the prairie. The name means "flower gatherer". All the times we've been to Paynes Prairie, and we finally found out where that funny sounding name came from. After leaving the park, we headed south to McIntosh to check out some antique stores that were closed earlier in the week when Gary first saw them. We went to three places, and then headed towards home. We stopped at four other antique stores in Palatka along the way. None of the stores we went to were very large, so there wasn't a lot of time spent in any of them. From Palatka, it's about 30 miles to our home in St. Augustine. Our last photo opportunity was at the State Road 16 sign on Interstate 95, just one mile from home. And that pretty much concludes a camping season that started in mid-October. We had a wonderful time, with a total of 62 nights of camping in 20 different parks in 3 different states. Not bad! Gary has many improvements he wants to make to me over the summer, so I'll be posting from time to time with updates. Thank you all SO much for checking out my blog. Until next time....goodbye and goodnight from the Green Acres Garage in beautiful St. Augustine, FL.

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