Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome To Florida

Happily, we got the heck out of South Carolina early this morning, and made our way quickly into Georgia. Our first stop was for gas in the Savannah area. It was .23 per gallon cheaper in Georgia than it was in South Carolina. Crazy! The plan was to hit an antique store or two if we could find any that were close to the interstate. In Darien, Georgia, we stopped at Southern Pickers Antiques. Gary didn't find anything he had to have, but it was a good place to stretch his legs, and for me to cool my wheels from the miles on the highway. Gary had lunch with me in the parking lot before hitting the road again. Our next stop was at the Florida welcome center. I hung out with some of my RV pals in the parking lot while our owners were taking a break elsewhere. The RV to my left in the picture was German. I couldn't understand a thing he was saying. We left there, and headed a short distance down the road to exit 373, and into a town called Yulee. Gary spent a good amount of time checking out the A1A Antiques Mall. Again, he didn't find anything he had to have, but it's a store he will definitely go back to. It had lots of small items, and that's the type of things that Gary likes best. From there, we headed through Jacksonville, and on into our home base of St. Augustine. I guess that Gary was in a hurry all of a sudden to get home, since he was driving faster than he normally does. We were flying out there on I-95, and I was getting a little scared. Usually, everybody passes us, but we were actually passing other cars and even a couple of 18-wheelers. Yikes! Anyway, we made it safely home, and I am once again in my happy home at the Green Acres Garage. I'm not at all sure what's in store for me next. Our camping season is over, and it ended on a bad note with our stay at Hunting Island in South Carolina. I'm going to try to talk Gary into one more trip to a place fairly close to home. He's putty in my hands, you know. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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