Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Last Day Of The Camping Season

Well, I was totally wrong about Gary not doing much and just relaxing while we've been here at Paynes Prairie. Even with his bum knee, he has been VERY busy. Today, he headed up to Gainesville for some supplies at Wal-Mart. Just a few miles north of the park entrance on US441, he came across two things he didn't know were there. First, there is a small parking lot, and an entrance to the 2-1/2 mile Bolen's Bluff Trail. More on that later. Just a little bit north of the trail entrance, is an observation deck that stretches out into the prairie itself. He stopped for pictures while he was there, and walked out onto the relatively short deck. This park is BIG, and reaches out far beyond the confines of the main portion of the park. After getting what he needed at Wal-Mart, and finding an antique store with the aid of his handy-dandy smart phone navigator, he returned back to the campsite for lunch. His knee wasn't hurting, so after a couple of sandwiches, he returned to the Bolen's Bluff Trail to see what it was all about. He didn't walk the entire 2-1/2 mile distance, but he did go far enough to get to the prairie observation area just off the trail. Still not totally tired, he came back to the main part of the park, and headed down to the 50ft. observation tower near the visitor's center. The wind was blowing pretty well, and he relaxed for awhile and enjoyed the prairie view from the glider on the top level of the tower. After that, he came back to our campsite, recharged the camera battery, and headed out once again. This time, he walked over to the picnic area by the edge of Lake Wauberg. He had hoped to catch the many colors of the sunset over the lake, but the clouds got in the way. As for me, I like to relax when I camp. Gary can run around all he wants, but I enjoy just taking it easy. I really appreciate all the pics he takes so I'll have something to show you on my blog, but I wish he would slow it down a little a spend some time with me, his favorite camping buddy. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks though. I'll post again when we get home.

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