Saturday, April 6, 2013

George L. Smith State Park, Days 2 & 3

Gary has looked this park over pretty well, but he hasn't come back to the campsite with a zillion pictures like he usually does. Truthfully, there doesn't seem to be a lot here that has excited him enough to photograph. The coolest thing here is the old covered bridge. It's a nice enough park, but it's one that I know we won't return to. Unless you like to kayak, canoe, or boat, there isn't a lot to do or see. Something that has excited Gary, is going antique shopping in some of the small towns near the park. He's been gone for most of our time here. Did he find some treasures? Oh yeah! He usually only buys small things, but he came back yesterday with a vintage aluminum card table and chairs. It's in really good shape, and I can see why he liked it enough to buy it. At the same store (Swainsboro Antiques) where he got the table and chairs, he also bought an awesome picnic jug that coincidentally is shiney aluminum trimmed in red like I am. I REALLY like that! What a cool thing. Today, Gary headed off to some towns in the opposite direction from where he went yesterday. Once again, he came back with something unusual. At Metter Antiques in Metter, GA., he found a set of multi-colored aluminum tumblers. They are in EXCELLENT condition. He has found aluminum tumblers before, but never ones with plastic liners and detachable coasters. And the ones he normally finds are pretty beat up. These are impressive. One thing that has kept me busy while I'm by myself is counting squirrels. There are plenty of them here. You know how much I love squirrels! With all of the antique store finds packed securely away, we will head towards our final camping destination of the season in the morning, and I am excited about it. We're heading over to the South Carolina coast to a place called Hunting Island. From what Gary has told me about it, I think we're going to have a GREAT time there. More soon. Bye for now.

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