Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bye Bye Paynes Prairie, Hello St. Augustine (and other news)

I was such a slacker while we were camping. Whoops...let me correct that. I'm a slacker ALL the time, but most of you know that. I was having such a good time, I just couldn't find the time to post anything. Well, we're home now, so let me get you all caught up on the latest happenings of St. Augustine's ONLY talking trailer and his bestest friend. After five days in campsite #18, we made our move over to Campsite #42 on Friday. It's one of our favorite campsites, but it's not quite as private as campsite #18 is. There weren't as many squirrels there either, and you know how much I count on squirrels for entertainment. Anyway, Gary and I were perfectly content there. Out of fifty campsites, there were less than twenty that were occupied on each of our first five nights. Things changed on Friday and Saturday, and almost ALL of the campsites were filled. That's typical on weekends. Gary went antique shopping in the little nearby town of Micanopy on Friday. He wasn't gone long, and he didn't buy anything. He went out again on Saturday morning, heading south towards the town of McIntosh. He stopped at a place that had antiques, a flea market, and an auction house. He previewed the auction, and decided to stay and bid on a few things. He was there for hours, and came back to the campsite with a box of tools, two pairs of brand new truck mirrors, and a Sears sewing machine in it's case. Guess what he paid for all of that stuff? Would you believe $7.41 including tax and bidder's fees? Yep, that's what he paid. I saw the receipt. He says he's going to learn how to sew so he can make some curtains for me and my trailer relatives. I'll believe that when I see it, but getting a working sewing machine with it's attachments and case for a whopping $2, was just too hard to pass up. Heck, it's worth that for scrap metal! On Saturday evening, Gary went to a presentation about alligators that was conducted by one of the park rangers. It wasn't far to walk to it, but he was running late and decided to drive. He didn't come back to the campsite for about three hours. I was getting worried about him. I knew the presentation wouldn't last long, but where was Gary? As I said, he was running behind, and when he got over to the amphitheatre, he locked his keys in the van. Can you believe it? The locksmith for AAA was slammed, and it took him a LONG time to get to the park. But, he finally got there and saved the day. It's hard to believe we were at Paynes Prairie for a whole week. The time FLEW by. Sunday morning arrived, and it was reluctantly time to hitch up and go home. It was sad driving out of those park gates, but I know we will be back soon. It was an uneventful ride home, and it didn't take very long to get here. Gary wasted no time unloading me and the van, and began doing laundry immediately. I've been sitting out in the yard since we got here. It's a sunny day and I'm actually pretty hot. When is winter going to be here? We will only be here for a couple of days, and then we head out for another round of camping. It's always fun to have something to look forward to. Oh, there's something VERY important that I keep forgetting to tell you about. As you know, Gary had eyelid surgery to remove some skin cancer almost six weeks ago. The day before we left on this trip, the eye surgeon opened his eye up. It's still healing, but it looks REALLY good, all things considered. The pic I posted was taken when we got home today. He's wearing his sunglasses in public less and less, and is feeling much better. He enjoyed this trip much more than the previous one when he only had the use of one eye. So, that's the latest news from here at the Green Acres Garage. Until next time....See Ya!

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