Sunday, December 29, 2013

Laura S. Walker State Park, Waycross, GA.

Another state park on our list of "places we've never been to" is Laura S. Walker in Waycross, Georgia. It is located in-between Little Talbot Island in Florida (or previous stop), and General Coffee in Georgia (our next stop). It's a fairly nice little park with a big lake and scenic views. The campground and group cabins, as well as most of the picnic areas and kayak rentals, are on one side of the lake, while the boat launch ramp and Laura S. Walker Lake Trail are located on the opposite side. The campground is treed with tall pines and very little else. If you like your privacy like Gary and I do, this is not a good place. The campsites right along the edge of the lake are reserved for high-dollar motorhomes and big 5th wheel trailers. Little trailers like me are banished to lake view sites only. Most of those are sharply sloped and somewhat uneven from side to side. Gary had to put a stack of 2x4's under my right wheel to make me level. And wheel chocks are a necessity. There are two restrooms, one is very old and one is newer. If you like to kayak or fish, then you'll probably love it here. There is also a golf course right down the road from the park. There are additional things to do within a short driving distance. As for Gary and I, it's been a nice place to visit for a couple of nights, but not a place we will ever return to. For us, it just wasn't that great. Next up is General Coffee State Park in Nicholls, GA. Like Paynes Prairie in Florida, we feel as comfortable there as we do at home. After our rather disappointing stays at Little Talbot Island and Laura S. Walker, we can't wait to get there.

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