Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Camping Neighbors At Tomoka State Park

On Thanksgiving Day, the sweet rumbling exhaust of a couple of cars caught my attention. A few seconds later, a red '37 Ford street rod, and a '67 Chevy Nova wagon came into view, and parked in the empty campsite across the street from ours. They are GORGEOUS cars. Obviously, they were there to be part of the Daytona Turkey Run car show that Gary always attends. Gary struck up a conversation with the owners of the cars. The Ford is owned by Roger and Corinne, and they were there to set up camp in the space next to ours with their 24ft. 1966 Airstream. The Chevy is owned by their friends, Gene and Chris. Gene and Chris were camping at the local KOA, but came by to have Thanksgiving dinner with Roger and Corinne. Are you with me so far? Roger took a look at me, and said that his wife would love to see me too. A few minutes later, Corinne and Chris (soon to be joined by Roger and Gene) came over to check me out, and were VERY complimentary. That always makes me feel good. Gary went over later to check out the Airstream. He said it was REALLY nice, and from what I could see, he was right. For once, I wasn't the oldest trailer in the campground, but in looking around the place, Gary says I was still the smallest. I'm usually one or the other or both. Oddly, Gary took all these pictures, and never took a single one of Roger and Corinne, or Gene and Chris. He's slipping in his old age. During the evenings, our neighbors had some sort of projection system that cast a canopy of tiny blue lights into the trees around and above the Airstream. It was SO cool! It actually looked like a million tiny stars. People from around the campground came by to see the light show. Gary asked Corinne about it, because it's something I'm sure he will want to buy. The unit is called Bliss Lights, and it was a present from Corinne's Mom who bought it on QVC. I have an idea that Gary will be doing some shopping at QVC in the near future. It was one of the most awesome things we have ever seen while camping. We hope to run into our newest camping pals again next year, and if we do, I'll be sure to remind Gary to take pictures of the owners, and not just their shiny toys. I hope I'm not as forgetful as he is when I get old!

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