Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Campsite #36 At Sebastian Inlet State Park

We are now at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Melbourne Beach, FL. We were here in March, and stayed in campsite #10. It was a decent campsite, but like most of the campsites here, there was absolutely no shade or privacy. During our visit, Gary looked around the park at other campsites, and liked the looks of campsite #36. It is one of the few that has a good shade tree, plus the privacy that we enjoy. This is a difficult park to get into, and Gary made reservations immediately, in order to get in and get campsite #36 before somebody else booked it. So, nearly nine months after our first visit, we're back. We've got it literally made in the shade. This is a GREAT campsite. It isn't waterfront, like the one we had before, but we will take the shade and privacy instead. There's woods to my left, and woods behind me. It's a clear view to the campsite to my right, but that's okay. At least it's a decent distance away. And a benefit for Gary is that the restroom is directly across the street. That's the gray building in one of the pictures. It was 81 degrees today, but a nice breeze and the shade tree kept me cool. I was tired after the long drive south on the interstate, so I took a nap while Gary went out taking pictures within the park. I'll share some of those with you next time, but for now, I thought I'd show you what our campsite looks like. If you're planning to camp here, campsite #36 is definitely TOASTER approved. People's Court is on, so I gotta go. It's my favorite judge show. I'll post again soon. We are here for four nights. Bye!

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