Sunday, December 29, 2013

General Coffee: Our FAVORITE Georgia State Park

After spending six days at two rather disappointing parks, we have now arrived at our FAVORITE Georgia State Park, General Coffee, between the towns of Douglas and Nicholls. OMG, we LOVE it here!!! What's not to love? Spacious campsites, extremely friendly and helpful park staff, scenery to die for, and the cutest farm animals anywhere. I could stay here forever, and I know that Gary feels the same way. This is our fourth visit this year. Like Paynes Prairie in Florida, we feel totally at ease here. Other parks may be somewhat relaxing to be at, but there aren't many where we feel as comfortable as we do at home. This place is a little jewel that most folks don't seem to know about. Even on the weekend, there are usually only a handful of campers here. The campsites are all of the drive-thru variety, and most of them are BIG. There could easily be a line of six or seven little trailers like me end to end in just one campsite. It's generally VERY quiet here, but someone has a barking dog here this time that won't shut up if he sees anyone. We are far enough away from him that it doesn't bother us. Actually, we are not really close to anyone, and we like it like that. As usual when we are here, Gary goes down to Heritage Farm to feed the donkeys. Heritage Farm is right here within the park, just around the corner from the ranger station and well-stocked camp store. Poncho and Jenny (the donkeys) sometimes call out to us when we arrive. They must know that "Uncle Gary" will be feeding them LOTS of carrots. He bought sixteen pounds of carrots before we arrived, and he will probably buy more. There are goats, pigs, horses, a mule, and chickens too. And there are a bunch of ducks that "cruise" the lake, waiting for a handout just like their four-legged animal friends. There is no TV reception here, but we don't care. There's plenty to see and do during the day, and there's always the DVD player for late night movies before bedtime. Gary likes a couple of the antique stores in nearby Douglas, and usually always finds something he can't live without. The Douglas Peddler's Mall and the Town Square Antique Mall are his favorites. So, as you can tell, we are just plain CRAZY about this place. Actually, we are just plain CRAZY, but that's another story. We'll be here for several days, and if I get some time, I'll post again. Happy camping from Toaster and Gary at BEAUTIFUL General Coffee State Park.

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