Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Checking Out The Springs At Wekiwa

Gary spent a whole day getting familiar with Wekiwa Springs, while I hung out here at the campsite and soaked up the sun. It's been beautiful while we've been here. Temperatures have been in the 60's and lower 70's during the day, and down into the lower 40's at night. SWEET!!! There are miles of trails here, including an 8-mile equestrian trail for our friends with horses. You can swim in the spring, go fishing, or rent a canoe or kayak and see the Wekiva River up close and personal. Gary seemed to enjoy the area around the springs best. I can tell because that's where he took the most pictures. I've attached a bunch of them for you to check out. It does look pretty, and those crystal clear waters are 68 to 72 degrees year round. Turtles sun themselves along the banks of the spring. Elsewhere in the park, deer can frequently be seen, mainly near sunset or early in the mornings, but occasionally during the day as well. Gary said there are pictures of black bears in the ranger's office, and he was warned to look out for them. No sightings thus far, and I'm REALLY happy about that. Squirrels excite me, but bears...not so much. We have enjoyed our time here, and we'll be coming back at the end of March next year. I'm looking forward to it. For now, enjoy the pictures and see for yourself how beautiful Wekiwa State Park really is.

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