Friday, December 6, 2013

Hunting For Trailer Parts

Whenever we go on camping trips, Gary always searches around whatever area we are in for antique stores and R/V or mobile home surplus and salvage places. The antique stores are pretty plentiful, but finding anything for vintage travel trailers is pretty unusual. Our current camping trip has been an exception to the rule. As I mentioned in a previous post, Gary spent a whole day in the automotive flea market section of the gigantic Turkey Run car show inside Daytona International Speedway, while we were camping at Tomoka State Park. It was there that he found a pair of vintage Yankee Turnflex taillights, just like the ones that were used on a lot of the Serro Scotty travel trailers. I have those same taillights on me. Later in the day at Daytona, he came across a pair of Pathfinder taillights. They were commonly used on lots of other vintage trailers. Still on the hunt that day, Gary found a couple of taillight lenses for the Yankee Turnflex taillights. One was red, and one was amber. He really didn't need the amber one, but for twenty-five cents, he couldn't pass it up. He got super great deals on everything at Daytona, and was pleased that he found anything at all for travel trailers at a car show. Since we've been camping here at Paynes Prairie, Gary took an afternoon drive about forty miles north to a salvage yard that he has been to in the past. He wasn't expecting to find anything good, but was pleasantly surprised once again. He returned to the campground with a new Bargman L-100 door lock, a well used L-200 door lock, three L-100/L-200 door lock repair kits, and three new red side marker lights. Needless to say, he was EXSTATIC about his finds. The door locks and repair kits are no longer being made, and they sell for BIG BUCKS on eBay. Gary got these for a GREAT price. Me and my brother Scotty will never have to worry about not having good working door locks, since Gary has found several surplus stashes of locks and parts in the past year. SWEET!!! The search will definitely go on as we travel from place to place. It's all part of the fun. And when Gary's happy, I'm happy.

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