Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Look Around Chatahoochee Bend State Park

I picked out a few of my favorite pictures from all of the ones that Gary has taken while we've been here, and here they are. From the fully stocked visitor's center with it's array of souvenirs and camping supplies, to the mighty Chattahoochee River itself, there's something here for everyone. This is indeed a very beautiful park, and one that we can't wait to come back to. There's so much here to see and do, but with limited time, Gary crammed in about as much as he possibly could. With 2900 acres, this is the fifth largest Georgia state park. It is four miles wide and three miles tall. It has five miles of frontage along the Chattahoochee River, and has nine miles of hiking trails. It officially opened on July 1st, 2011. Not everything here is completed yet. For instance, improvements are being made to the trails, and mountain bike trails (with rentals to be available at the visitor's center), are being created. It will be interesting to see the pictures that Gary takes on future visits to see how things have changed. As for the campgrounds, there are several different areas available, all depending on your tastes or what you have to camp in. There is an RV campground, a tent only campground, there's Adirondack three-sided shelters in another area, and for those that like to "rough it", there's the Backcountry River campsites that have no amenities. Picnic tables are strewn along the river's edge. Picnic pavilions are available to rent. And there's a super long (and steep) boat ramp. I'm speaking from experience when I say that the RV campsites are incredibly nice. I am definitely looking forward to our next visit. This place is AWESOME!!! We have been lucky on this trip, staying at three new places so far that we have really liked. They've all been so different, such as it is with state parks. We head to Cloudland Canyon State Park in northwest Georgia in the morning. We camped there this past March for the first time, and enjoyed it immensely. I'll check in from there as time allows. Thanks for following along with my latest adventures. This has been SO much fun!

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