Thursday, November 6, 2014

Special Visitors

We had some special visitors this morning at the campground. Gary's sister Pat and her husband Dan, drove over from their farm in Woodbury. I didn't know they were coming, but apparently Gary did. I wondered why he got the camping chairs out of the van and set them up. He wouldn't have done that if nobody was going to stop by. Dan parked in the "extra car" spot here at our campsite. There was plenty of room for their Toyota pickup truck. As always, it was good to see them. Pat, who is constantly cooking and baking, brought Gary a delicious looking cake. We will see if he decides to share it with his camping buddies that we are meeting at Cloudland Canyon tomorrow, or if he will eat the whole thing himself. He's been known to do things like that. After shooting the bull for awhile, Pat and Dan and Gary disappeared down a trail and into the woods. They felt like going for a walk and doing a little exploring. It rained lightly while they were in there, but the trees protected them from getting wet. I got a little wet, but the sun came out later and dried me and the camping chairs. After their return to the campsite, Gary followed Pat and Dan to nearby Newnan for lunch. Pat and Dan went home from there. Gary gassed up Dodge, and found out how to get to US27 from the campground. That is the road we will take to get to our next stop. We will see Pat and Dan again in about a week. Their farm will be stop number five of the six we have planned for our current round of camping. It's so much fun to go there. I will sort through the pictures that Gary took of Chattahoochee Bend, and will try to post a few later tonight if I don't get too sleepy.

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