Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hiking Into Cloudland Canyon

While I sat idle at our campsite and relaxed, Gary and his pals hiked down into the canyon gulch to check out the streams and the waterfalls. There are occasions when I wish I had legs so I could see some of these things for myself that I can only see in pictures. However, I am MUCH too lazy to take on anything as strenuous as hiking down into that canyon. There are 1200 steps, steep grades, and rocks and roots to contend with. That's just CRAZY!!! In this case, enjoying the views through Gary's pictures will suit me just fine. It appears that the gang had a fun time, even though all of them came back tired. We've got some wacky friends, as you can likely tell by some of the pictures. They are definitely fun to be with. There were LOTS of pictures taken from the upper rim of the canyon as well, and I will share some of my favorites with you later. When we were here last March, everything was dead and colorless from the harsh winter. Gary knew then that he wanted to come back in the fall, so we could enjoy the colors of season. It was a wise decision. This place has been SO beautiful while we've been here. We head out of here in the morning. Our next stop is Pat and Dan's farm in Woodbury, a place we know well and always have a GREAT time at. I'll post again when I can.

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