Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Time At Tomoka

It's Thanksgiving night 2014, and we are once again camping at Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach, FL. We have come here every year since Gary has owned me. The main reason we camp here is so Gary can go to the Turkey Rod Run car show at Daytona International Speedway. The four day event is held there on Thanksgiving weekend every year, and Gary hasn't missed it in MANY years. If I'm doing my math correctly, I was just a teenager when he started going to the show. That was a LONG time ago! We are in our usual campsite (#10). It had rained heavily for more than 24 hours before we arrived, and was still drizzling when we pulled into the park. Although the campsites are quite nice here, the road from the ranger's station to the campground leaves a lot to be desired. It's got enormously big craters in it that fill up with water every time it rains. Some of them are a foot deep or more. There's no avoiding them, since many of them are almost the full width of the road. When we've been here and it hasn't rained, the road is REALLY dusty. I'm not a fan of getting dirty, and rain or shine, the road to the campground here most definitely puts a frown on my face. It's a nice park other than that. The rain stopped not long after we arrived yesterday, and the weather is supposed to be perfect for our entire stay. It was definitely picture perfect today. 65 degrees and sunny, just the way I like it. Today was the first day of the car show, and Gary was at the gate of the speedway when it opened. He walked through the whole automotive flea market area today, and came back to the campground with some cool stuff. I did my usual thing today, which consists of relaxing, watching for squirrels, listening to music, and taking a nap. It's a good thing that I don't eat. If I did, being as lazy as I am, I would weigh as much as a large motorhome! Speaking of eating, Gary sure did pig out tonight. I'm surprised he still fit through the door when it came time to go take a shower. I guess he was just trying to keep up the tradition of overeating on holidays. I don't know if I've ever seen him eat so much. I'll do my "thing" again tomorrow, and Gary is planning on going antique shopping. On Saturday, he is planning to return to the speedway. And on Sunday, we will be moving on from here to a place we have never been to before. I'll tell you all about it when I find out for myself. Well, Gary wants to watch a movie, so I guess I will join him. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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