Monday, November 3, 2014

Sweet Home Alabama

Does the title of this blog post give away our new location? That's right folks, we are now in Alabama, the second stop of six on this round of camping. To be exact, we are in campsite number 12 at Florala State Park in Florala, Alabama. This is an AWESOME place! Most of the 28 campsites here are right on the shore of Lake Jackson, a 500 acre lake that is shared by Alabama and Florida. As I look down the campground road at the rest of my fellow campers, I have the lake on my left side, and woods on my right side. Unlike the last campground we were at, there are squirrels here, and lots of ducks too. With all of this wildlife, I'll have plenty to keep me amused if Gary should decide to take off somewhere like he often does. I am digging this campsite for sure. It isn't often that I get to enjoy beautiful sunsets like I saw tonight. Check out that last picture. Isn't that GORGEOUS??? Gary took a LOT of pictures today, and I will post a few more for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. Until next time, SWEET DREAMS!!!

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