Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hanging With Friends At Cloudland Canyon

I know, I know. It's been a few days since I last posted, but it's not totally my fault. Sure, I've been goofing off and enjoying my wonderful campsite here at Cloudland Canyon State Park, but there's been other things that have kept me off the computer. First, when we went to leave Chattahoochee Bend State Park last Friday, Gary tried to take a picture and found out that his camera had unexpectedly bitten the dust. I don't like to post anything without pictures, so that held me up for awhile. Then, we were met here by some of our camping buddies, and with Gary hanging out with them for a couple of days, I couldn't get on the internet. He always had his cellphone (with the mobile hotspot in it) with him, so I couldn't get online unless he was here. We are in extreme northwest Georgia, so Chattanooga Tennessee is not that far away. The night of our arrival here, Gary went to Chattanooga and bought a new camera. He took LOTS of pictures the following days, but I still couldn't post anything without his help. The last of our friends left yesterday (Monday), and Gary spent the whole day antique shopping in Chattanooga. So, those are my excuses why I haven't posted, and I am definitely sticking to my story. Both of our sets of friends, Jim and Melodie in their Casita, and Lou Ann and Dan in their PlayMor, brought "new" trailers to camp with us this time. Both couples previously camped with teardrop style trailers, but now they are camping with trailers they can actually stand up in. Standing up in a trailer is something that Gary has taken for granted, but for our friends, that is a BIG bonus. Gary enjoyed checking out the Casita and PlayMor, but I couldn't see them from where I am at. From the pictures Gary took, they look REALLY cool. I'm sure we will camp with them again, and maybe I can get close up and personal with my trailer cousins then. Jim and Melodie brought along their dog Rowan (hiding in the leaves in one of the pictures), and Lou Ann and Dan brought along their dogs Sadie and Sami. Everyone, including the dogs, took the long hike down into the canyon on Saturday. The dogs were carried most of the way. It's a good thing they are little dogs, because it's a long way down there and back. I'll post pictures of the canyon area next time. I wish I could camp down there. It sure does look pretty, but I have no complaints with where I'm at. Our campsite is wonderful, and the fall foliage is gorgeous. We don't have these colorful leaves in Florida. Pictures are loading VERY slowly to my blog, but I will attempt to share some more of them with you a little later. This is our last day here, so I'm going to enjoy the AWESOMENESS of this beautiful fall day as much as I can. I'll talk with you later!

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