Sunday, November 2, 2014

Views Of Falling Waters State Park

It's day number two here at Falling Waters State Park, and we are having a GREAT time. Gary got some much needed sleep last night, and he seems much more like himself today. He got up early and cooked some breakfast, then headed out for a few supplies at the local Wal-Mart. Later, Gary and Dodge explored the park while I held down the fort here at the campsite. The temperature got up to 63 degrees today, and it was as beautiful as it was yesterday without the excessive winds. Another perfect day for camping. There are tons of pine trees here. Squirrels must not care for them, as I have not seen a single squirrel here in the campground. That's been the only disappointment for me. As you know, I LOVE squirrels. Oh well. From the pictures that Gary took, it looks like there is quite a lot to see here at Falling Waters. There is a butterfly garden on the walkway that heads down to where the sinkholes and the waterfall is, but Gary didn't see any butterflies hanging out there. There are a bunch of sinkholes with boardwalks that lead you past them. There's a lot of steps due to the various elevations, and an upper and lower deck in the waterfall area. The much publicized waterfall was a bust, as there was nothing more than a trickle of water cascading over the rocks. Gary wasn't expecting much anyway, so he wasn't disappointed. After the incredible waterfalls we saw at Letchworth State Park in New York last year, I doubt if there's anything that can compare. After seeing the sinkholes and the non-existent waterfall, Dodge carried Gary over to the beach. Yep, even though we are nowhere near an ocean, there is a beach here. It's a man made one, with a small swimming area on the edge of a two-acre lake. From the beach parking lot, a short trail through the woods leads you to a boardwalk with a covered seating area that eventually leads you to the beach. A concrete sidewalk to the left connects the north and south sections of the Wiregrass Trail. This trail is accessible from the sinkhole and waterfall area to the south, and within the campground to the north. There is a small fishing pier on the lake, a playground for the kiddies near the butterfly garden, and picnic tables spread throughout all of the most scenic areas of the park. This is definitely a park we would return to. It's small and nothing overly fancy, but it's quiet and well maintained. We like that. We are out of here tomorrow (Monday), heading to Florala State Park near the Florida/Alabama border (hence the name of the park). We haven't been there before, so it will be interesting to see it for the first time. I hope they have squirrels! I'll write from there. Goodnight and goodbye from Falling Waters State Park.

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  1. Another nice looking park. Yes, in the midwest and other non-ocean states - that is a beach. (I'm having a hard time with these anti-robot features of blogspot.)