Thursday, October 3, 2013

Heading North To The Smithfield/Raleigh KOA

Wednesday morning had arrived, and it was time to pack up and leave Skidaway Island. We rolled out of the park around 10AM, and headed north through South Carolina and part of North Carolina before arriving at our next destination. I-95 is VERY rough through South Carolina. It seemed to take weeks instead of just hours to get through the state. The road is so rough, that most of the stuff that Gary had stacked on my upper bunk, ended up on the floor. Luckily, nothing got broken, but Gary was a bit upset that it happened. We finally reached exit 90 in North Carolina, and the Smithfield/Raleigh KOA that is just a short distance off the interstate. It was 5PM. This is our first time ever at a KOA. This particular one is closing for good in just a couple of weeks, and after three months of renovations, it will re-open as an independent RV park. The staff here is very nice and helpful, and Gary says the restrooms are spotlessly clean. We also have cable TV here, and there are a LOT of channels. As for our campsite, it serves the purpose, but I personally prefer some privacy and more shade. It's kind of nice to be surrounded by woods like I am when we're in most of the state parks that we frequent. Surprisingly, the temperatures have been considerably warmer here than they were in Savannah. Gary and I thought it would be cooler as we headed further north, but that hasn't been the case here. We definitely hope that happens very soon. One reason we were looking forward to this trip was to leave hot and humid Florida behind us. We arrived so late on Wednesday, that there wasn't time for Gary to get out and do any exploring. But early this morning (Thursday), he headed out to see an antique mall that he saw a sign for on the interstate. The mall was in a town called Selma. It's a few miles north of here. As it turned out, the entire town of Selma is filled with antique stores, and Gary spent the whole day there. He left the TV on for me, and I watched some cable shows that I've never seen before. There's some WIERD stuff on cable! It is now the second of our two nights here, and we leave in the morning for Virginia. We're camping at a state park there for one night, and I will blog from there if possible. Gary just left to take a shower, and I'm going to see if "American Pickers" is on. I LOVE that show! I'll catch you later.

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